Captive Insurance and Managed Insurers in Specialist Jurisdictions


When an organisation cannot cover the financial consequences of risk it should insure that risk with a third party, such as an independent insurer.

Where financial risk can be covered by an entity, it should consider the potential benefits of one of self-insurance, perhaps by creating its own insurance entity.

Insuring with a third party insurer can sometimes be a frustrating and expensive experience, and often where premiums exceed the cost of claims, that insurer can retain significant profits.

Insurers are in business to underwrite their risk profitably. They will look to cover all their costs (such as claims, marketing, their premises and staff) in addition to making a profit.


Organisations opt to self-insure risk or elements of risk with the aim to

  • retain profits for themselves,
  • provide a rainy day fund for risk not otherwise insured,
  • satisfy the requirements of a party for whom they are working,
  • save costs overall and
  • promote and benefit from proactive and effective risk management.

Having your own insurer, whether a Cell within a PCC, a stand-alone captive (for insuring your own risk) or creating an insurer (to cover third party and associated risks) can be a very effective and efficient means to do this.

Specific domiciles, such as Guernsey or Mauritius, have bespoke laws which allow the easy and effective creation and operation of insurance entities.

They host effective regulators to implement the requirements of local laws and protect all involved, including policyholders. They also host the support services needed, such as legal, accountancy, compliance and actuarial services.


Offshore jurisdictions not only provide bespoke legal and other practical support, they also help entities to be financially efficient by offering no or low tax environments, applicable to the profits made by insurance entities.

Adjure Global Limited has experience of assisting a wide range of entities to form their own insurer , captive insurer or Protected Cell insurer solutions. 

We act for corporate entities and private individuals, providing great solutions to a wide range of insurance needs.

We will work with your insurance broker and other advisers to achieve good solutions as part of the management of risks you face, in business, society and in life.

Contact us to work through a feasibility study to find a solution that best fits your self-insurance needs. We look forward to working with you.